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What Is Projecto?

PROJECTO is a way to bring your Walls and Windows to life with streaming video and rotating images.  You can turn your ordinary Windows and Walls into impactful digital experiences for your customers!

We are now leveraging the quality of 4KHD Projectors in a way that has never been approached before. This is significantly less than large LED Walls and significantly more flexible to deploy your marketing programs.

How It Works

We install a film that allows the content to display on the front or rear side of a window. This is perfect for interior or exterior messaging.

Most walls are sufficient but if they need covering we have 14 standard colors to choose from.

• You can change content in real-time as often as you like!
• You will need an internet connection to change the content but not to stream the video and images.
• You can stream when your business is open and when closed.


  • You now can project 4KHD quality on Windows and Walls
  • You can manage your videos and images with our CMS that allows you to change content in real-time
  • We have many window and wall surfaces to accommodate various applications
  • Depending upon your business type, you can use this as an advertising vehicle
  • You can promote more offers throughout the day than traditional window signage allows
  • You will reduce your printing and signage, shipping and installation cost
  • You can stream video and also rotate images in increments of 15 seconds, 30 second, 45 second and 1 minute intervals
  • All you need to change the content is a wireless connection
  • We have various laser projectors depending upon the window or wall size that we will be projecting on too!
  • Installation by professionals
  • Training and support