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Projecto Display Media

We are a Difference Maker

TIME TO COMPETE with Goliath retailers. We are the answer for everyone else!

Your company now has an opportunity to deliver a large format digital experience, promote your own products, promote your partner brands and generate revenue!

How Do we Do This?

  • We determine the best large format for your company to deliver a BIG DIGITAL EXPERIENCE
  • We install the digital experiences that will impact your store front glass and or key areas inside the store
  • We build your company your own network right on your store front glass or within key areas of your store
  • We sell ads for products that are only being sold in your stores or you can sell them!
  • We manage all the ad trafficking and placement
  • We provide creative services for brands that need support.

What do you get?

  1. New Source of incremental revenue
  2. The ability to promote store brands and services in a dynamic way
  3. Proximity Out of Home Marketing
  4. Increase Store Traffic
  5. The ability to bundle product sales