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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change content any time I want to?
    Yes, you will have access to the content management system to change your own content.
  2. What type of content can I upload?
    You can upload Videos and Images.
  3. How large can my Video be?
    The Video can be up to 100 MG.
  4. How large of an image area can I project?
    Our standard sizes are 16ft x 9ft. The good news is we have solutions that cover a much smaller area and solutions that cover a much larger area.
  5. When projecting on Windows can you see it in the sunlight?
    Yes, you can see it in the sunlight but it will require an assessment to make sure we use the right Projecto Kit.
  6. What can I project Video and Images on to with the Projecto Solution?
    You can Project on to Windows, Walls and Trucks.
  7. If I have a LED Wall or Monitors can I use the CMS to change and update my content?
    Yes, our CMS can be used on existing projectors, monitors and LED screens.